7 Importance of Industrial Automation in the Heavy Industries


      Whenever the topic of heavy industry is discussed, the first thing that usually comes into mind is the hard labour, the hard work and struggle. Although Heavy Industries are not to be taken lightly for they are also important for the development of the agriculture, transportation, communication facilities and other industries.

      In heavy industries, it is not always hard labour that gets the job going but also with use of automation and mechanization.

      Here are the 7 importance of using industrial automation in the heavy industries.

      1. Increased Productivity

      The biggest and the most important aspect of industrial automation in the heavy industry is the increased efficiency and productivity. Machines can’t possibly replace humans but automated control systems can work continuously for long hours without compromising on accuracy. Men in turn, can just maintain, care and look at the machines for possible problems.

      2. Improved Quality

      Using automated machines can help you with your product quality control. Human error can be eliminated. Industrial automation, systems and processes can be monitored and controlled at all stages which will result in good quality product. And if the products produced are of good quality, clients and customers can rest assure and will rely on your business.

      3. Reduced Costs

      Industrial processes can continue running 24/7. It will definitely increase your productivity. The company can save on workforce costs, salaries, healthcare costs, pension and insurance coverage, paid holidays and other costs that come with hiring and training employees. Initially, automation would seem costly but in the long run, you will be able to save much.


      4. Better Safety

      Working in the heavy industry will mostly be dangerous. Accidents and injuries may constantly happen. By using industrial automation, it will help prevent these things from happening.

      5. Remote Monitoring

      Most of the industrial automated systems can be access at a distance. Ease of access is beneficial as it will be every convenient for the workers to monitor the systems and equipment’s.

      6. Maintenance of Work Schedules

      Managing work schedules is really crucial to the success and revenue generation of the company. Tasks needed to be sorted. It will be very much needed for real time information about the available resources and the condition of the workforce.

      7. Gaining and Maintaining a Competitive Edge

      It is necessary to be equipped with ample facilities that will help you gain and maintain a competitive edge in the volatile economy.

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